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Cases don’t end with a finding of guilty after a trial or a plea. People convicted of crimes have significant consequences following resolution of their cases. Individuals convicted of crimes face probation or Department of Corrections supervision (following prison), sex offender registration, or court ordered treatment, no contact orders, loss of right to possess firearms, geographic restrictions, and other consequences.

Natalie is experienced, efficient and skilled at representing clients in probation reviews and hearings to modify conditions of probation or community supervision. At the time of sentencing, it is not always apparent how a client’s life will change in the future. Protecting and planning for your future can include requesting changes to your sentencing.

Natalie has won many motions for relief from sex offender registration and to seal, and even to expunge or vacate convictions from peoples’ records entirely. These types of motions require preparation of packages of information to share with the court demonstrating what has occurred in a client’s life since conviction, along with legal briefing to support the request. Making the complete and appropriate request with the help of an accomplished and experienced attorney is critical to getting your requests granted.

Client Reviews

They say your reputation is earned by the drop but lost by the bucket full. After having someone enter my life that seemed to be committed to destroying my reputation I was referred to Natalie by another attorney and she did not disappoint. Going through lawsuits can be scary...

Grant L.

We were referred to Natalie by a family friend and I was impressed with her from the very beginning. During our initial consultation she spent a lot of time with me discussing our case and asking questions. She explained how the process generally goes as well as all the possible...

Sarah H.

Natalie was very professional and extremely helpful in handling our case! She was compassionate and very patient with my family! Thank you for all your hard work and patience through the process! Your calm demeanor helped keep me calm and focused! Thank you!

L. A.

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