Case Results

In her 15-year career, Natalie Findley-Wolf has obtained many successful results for her client, to include not guilty jury verdicts, dismissals, decisions not to file charges (pre-charging), and reductions in charges that saved her client’s jail or prison time, or other undesirable consequences. In addition to these criminal and juvenile results, Natalie has successfully defended and pursued successful outcomes for individuals filing or defending against restraining or civil protection orders. She’s also helped clients successfully pursue relief from registration, vacation, or expungement of convictions, and sealing their criminal records.

Some case results from 2022 and 2023:

  • Rape in the Third Degree/Assault in the Second Degree/Unlawful Imprisonment – Dismissal of Charges: Client was accused of strangling and raping their partner. Case was dismissed following extensive investigation of the incident which resulted in information that contradicted the alleged victim’s statements.
  • First Degree Child Molestation Charges, Two Victims – Significant Reduction – After extensive investigation and interview of the two victims, the case was reduced to misdemeanor non sex-offenses with no sex offender registration.
  • First Degree Rape of a Child – multiple jurisdictions – Dismissal – After extensive investigation and an interview of the alleged child victim in the case, the case was dismissed due to the victim denying the alleged criminal conduct occurred.
  • Domestic Violence Protection Order – Denied against client; Domestic Violence Protection Order – Granted for Client; Assault Charges against Client – dismissed; Stalking and assault allegations against client. After extensive investigation and providing materials to the city prosecutor and court, the criminal charges and protection order against client were dismissed as the evidence indicated that client was the actual victim of stalking, assault and property destruction.
  • Domestic Violence Protection Order – Negotiated Resolution; The parties were able to negotiate a resolution that kept the matter out of the court system.
  • Anti-harassment Protection Order – Negotiated Resolution; The parties were able to negotiate a resolution that kept the matter out of the court system.
  • Juvenile Charged with Rape of a Child – Reduction of charges and agreed dismissal; Following extensive investigation resulting in evidence that contradicted the alleged victim’s report, client pled to a misdemeanor with an agreed dismissal following probation.
  • Sexual Assault Protection Order on behalf of a minor – Granted; Successful SAPO for child.
  • Domestic Violence Protection Order on behalf of self and 4 minor children – Granted; Successful DVPO granted for client and her children.
  • Assault in the Fourth Degree with Sexual Motivation and Violation of No Contact Order – Successful negotiated dismissal through treatment court.
  • Relief from Sex Offender Registration – Petition Granted for Felony Sex Offense.
  • Reduction of Juvenile Felony Offense; Class B felony reduced to misdemeanor resolution.
  • Juvenile Investigation for Felony sexual misconduct at school – no charges; Successfully negotiated diversion (no criminal charges).
  • Juvenile Investigation for Felony and Misdemeanor Charges in two separate incidents – no charges; Successfully negotiated diversion (no criminal charges) on one matter and prosecutor agreed to not file charges on the second matter.
  • First Degree Child Molestation and Possession of Depictions – Negotiated Resolution; Negotiated a resolution that avoided lifetime sex offender registration and potential for life in prison to a three year prison term, limited probation and ten years of sex offender registration.

Client Reviews

They say your reputation is earned by the drop but lost by the bucket full. After having someone enter my life that seemed to be committed to destroying my reputation I was referred to Natalie by another attorney and she did not disappoint. Going through lawsuits can be scary...

Grant L.

We were referred to Natalie by a family friend and I was impressed with her from the very beginning. During our initial consultation she spent a lot of time with me discussing our case and asking questions. She explained how the process generally goes as well as all the possible...

Sarah H.

Natalie was very professional and extremely helpful in handling our case! She was compassionate and very patient with my family! Thank you for all your hard work and patience through the process! Your calm demeanor helped keep me calm and focused! Thank you!

L. A.

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