Criminal Investigations

King County Criminal Defense Lawyer Helping People Protect Their Rights During Investigations

If you are contacted by the police regarding an investigation of potential criminal conduct or if you are arrested for a crime, hiring an attorney can make an immediate difference in the ultimate outcome of your case. If nothing happens immediately, some people believe that nothing will happen. This is a mistake. The police are not always in a hurry to complete their investigation and refer charges to a prosecutor. Sometimes, this process can take months or even more than a year. If you believe you are being investigated for a crime, it is imperative to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Natalie Findley-Wolf of Findley-Wolf Law is an assertive King County criminal defense attorney with ample experience helping people safeguard their interests in criminal investigations in King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Skagit Counties, and if she represents you, she will advocate zealously on your behalf.

Criminal Investigations

Ms. Findley-Wolf has guided many people through criminal investigations. Her hard work throughout the process, which includes consulting with clients and discussing the matter with prosecutors, has helped clients avoid prosecution entirely or mitigate and negotiate an outcome in advance of a prosecutor’s charging decision.

If you are being investigated for a crime, Ms. Findley-Wolf will thoroughly review the incident the prompted the inquiry with you and formulate a plan for the next steps. Oftentimes, investigations can involve both DCYF (CPS) and criminal law enforcement or an investigation at a school or workplace. Other times, some sort of licensing agency is informed, and that separate investigation needs to be factored into the plan of attack.

Investigations Referred to Prosecutors

If law enforcement refers a case to a prosecutor, it often helps to have an attorney who can speak with a detective about the case and what evidence might be helpful to include in the referral. Evidence provided to the detective will be included in the prosecutor’s package and can make the difference between charges, no charges, or a lesser charge.

Ms. Findley-Wolf routinely hires investigators to assist in obtaining helpful evidence for her clients. For example, you may have witnesses who want to assist and know something about the case but were not contacted by law enforcement. Providing witness statements, social media evidence, text messages, and any other favorable evidence is part of making sure that a client’s side is included in the analysis of charging decisions and even in whether a detective decides to refer a case at all.

If a case is referred, Ms. Findley-Wolf provides a similar approach in contacting the prosecutor who is reviewing the case and making charging decisions. Ms. Findley-Wolf can provide the results of her own investigation to the prosecutor for consideration, and she will often meet with the prosecutor to discuss whether the evidence meets the requirements for a charge or a conviction. Other times, Ms. Findley-Wolf provides mitigation information to the prosecutor as well – information about mental health, disabilities, work history, prior good conduct, relevant lack of criminal history, and counseling to the prosecutor for consideration in whether a charge is appropriate or necessary for community safety and accountability.

When clients face CPS investigations, it can impact their work (teachers or childcare providers, for example) or their ability to parent. CPS investigations are often the most emotional types of investigations a client can be involved in. Ms. Findley-Wolf has significant experience working with families undergoing CPS involvement, which is very different from a criminal investigation where, most of the time, clients are advised not to make statements. Cooperating with CPS requires a different mindset and a strategic understanding of what the investigators will ask and look for in the process of their investigation. Ms. Findley-Wolf can communicate directly with the CPS investigators, and should the investigator make an administrative finding of fault by a client, she is able to appeal and assist clients through the administrative appeals process as well.

Meet with a  Skilled King County Criminal Defense Lawyer About Your Case

If you or someone you love is facing court involvement or is being investigated by the police or CPS for any crime,  it is important to retain an experienced attorney to help you protect your rights. Natalie Findley-Wolf of Findley-Wolf Law is a skilled King County criminal defense attorney who has handled dozens of investigation cases for clients, and her involvement as both a strategist and advocate for her clients has greatly reduced the unnecessary escalation of investigations. She frequently helps people with criminal matters throughout Washington, including cities in King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Skagit Counties. You can call Ms. Findley-Wolf at 206.228.2800 to set up a free one-hour consultation. Phones are answered 24/7.

Client Reviews

They say your reputation is earned by the drop but lost by the bucket full. After having someone enter my life that seemed to be committed to destroying my reputation I was referred to Natalie by another attorney and she did not disappoint. Going through lawsuits can be scary...

Grant L.

We were referred to Natalie by a family friend and I was impressed with her from the very beginning. During our initial consultation she spent a lot of time with me discussing our case and asking questions. She explained how the process generally goes as well as all the possible...

Sarah H.

Natalie was very professional and extremely helpful in handling our case! She was compassionate and very patient with my family! Thank you for all your hard work and patience through the process! Your calm demeanor helped keep me calm and focused! Thank you!

L. A.

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