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Natalie’s defense practice includes representing all kinds of people facing all kinds of criminal legal issues. Criminal charges and convictions cause immense stress and anxiety. While a case is pending resolution, it can impact your work and home life. The consequences of an investigation, charge or conviction can have lasting consequences. It’s important to have a smart, experienced, thoughtful and kind lawyer working with and for you to achieve your goals for your legal case.

Because of how difficult these situations can be, Natalie knows the importance of client communication and participation. Natalie is committed to being as responsive as possible, and returns calls, texts, and emails promptly. Natalie wants her clients to be actively involved, consulted, and heard in all aspects of their case.

Natalie has 15 years of experience working in criminal courts (city, state and federal) throughout Western Washington, including King, Snohomish, Skagit, Pierce, Thurston, Island and Kitsap counties. Natalie has worked in private practice previously, at firms specializing in serious felonies, and as a long-time public defender in King County where she carried a felony caseload. Natalie also has experience taking assigned work from the federal government representing federal defendants in multinational drug conspiracy cases.

Successful representation of individuals charged with criminal offenses requires a multi-pronged approach. In every case, Natalie will be jointly assessing the attributes of her client as well as their case. While “character evidence” is unlikely to be admissible at trial, it can make a difference in effective negotiations and informs the case approach. Natalie meets with her clients often, learning about their lives, strengths, and their struggles. At the same time, Natalie is using her extensive criminal defense experience to review the evidence against the client, research, and “spot” legal issues, investigate the evidence and theories provided by the client, and putting together a solid defense plan for her client. It is Natalie’s goal to provide clients with options for their case – whether it is heading to trial, pushing for a dismissal, or negotiating a resolution that strives to address all her client’s goals. This approach has resulted in many significant beneficial resolutions for clients (see Case Results page).

Pre-charging: If you are contacted by the police regarding an investigation of potential criminal conduct or if you are arrested for a crime, hiring an attorney can make an immediate difference in the ultimate outcome for your case. If nothing happens immediately, some people believe that nothing will happen. This is a mistake. The police are not always in a hurry to complete their investigation and refer charges to a prosecutor. Sometimes this process can take months or even more than a year. Natalie has handled many investigations matters. Natalie’s hard work through investigation, consultation with clients and discussions with prosecutors has assisted clients in avoiding prosecution entirely, or in mitigating and negotiating an outcome in advance of a charging decision by a prosecutor.

Sex Offenses: Natalie has many years of experience handling both juvenile and adult sex offenses. Part of Natalie’s experience included working for a firm that handled 95% sexual misconduct matters and her years of experience both at that firm and in public defense provide a significant base of knowledge and experience for effective sex offense representation. Natalie has successfully achieved dismissals, reductions and negotiated resolutions that limited the potential impacts on clients’ lives.

Violent and Gun Offenses: Natalie has significant experience handling cases involving assaults, unlawful possession of firearms, use of firearms against others, kidnappings, and other serious felony offenses considered to be crimes of violence. Natalie has achieved significant reductions on assault cases and not guilty verdicts for self-defense, as well as negotiated dismissals. On gun cases, Natalie is well-versed in the potential search and possession issues and has raised these issues to the benefit of her clients.

Property, Financial Fraud, and Theft Crimes: While not the most “serious” in terms of jail or prison time, crimes of “dishonesty” can have the most impact on current and future work opportunities for clients. Natalie has expansive experience in both simple shoplifting cases but also complex “financial crimes” involving insurance fraud allegations and federal or state benefits fraud. Natalie has worked with clients to achieve outcomes that protect their future.

Misdemeanors: Natalie has represented clients in hundreds of misdemeanor cases, including everything from shoplifting, assault, misdemeanor no contact violations, to DUIs and reckless driving. Natalie has significant misdemeanor trial/litigation experience but is also well-versed in the many resolution opportunities for clients that can result in dismissals or significant reduction of charges.

If you or someone you love is facing court involvement or is being investigated by the police for any crime, call Natalie Findley-Wolf at 206.228.2800 to set up a free one-hour consultation. Phones are answered 24/7.

Client Reviews

They say your reputation is earned by the drop but lost by the bucket full. After having someone enter my life that seemed to be committed to destroying my reputation I was referred to Natalie by another attorney and she did not disappoint. Going through lawsuits can be scary...

Grant L.

We were referred to Natalie by a family friend and I was impressed with her from the very beginning. During our initial consultation she spent a lot of time with me discussing our case and asking questions. She explained how the process generally goes as well as all the possible...

Sarah H.

Natalie was very professional and extremely helpful in handling our case! She was compassionate and very patient with my family! Thank you for all your hard work and patience through the process! Your calm demeanor helped keep me calm and focused! Thank you!

L. A.

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