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Many families face police investigation and criminal charging of their children and teens. Natalie has nine years of juvenile representation experience in King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Skagit counties, and will capably and expertly apply that experience to whatever legal issue your child is facing.

Natalie is knowledgeable in the special nuances of juvenile sentencing and charging, which are very different from the adult court experience for defendants and their families. Juveniles are different than adults, and recent science about human brain development backs up that juveniles should be treated differently than adults. Because juveniles are different, juvenile charging and sentencing have a separate and distinct statutory scheme (Revised Code of Washington 13.40). The stated goals for juvenile sentencing include providing for juveniles in the community whenever possible, and to provide rehabilitation and reintegration of juvenile offenders into their communities. Because of the differences between teens and adults, the legislature has provided juvenile defendants with more sentencing alternative options to avoid incarceration or time spent in Juvenile Rehabilitation. For example, every child is entitled to one “deferred disposition” which is a sentencing alternative for qualifying felony cases that, if successfully completed, results in a complete dismissal of the case, and eventually sealing of any court record.

Other important differences between juvenile and adult courts include that juvenile courts have different privacy considerations for young people both long and short term – many cases are eligible for sealing from the public almost immediately and court records are not as available to the general public even when unsealed. Families and probation have a much more upfront and involved role throughout the case and are consulted by the court regularly regarding their input on each motion or issue before the court. Juveniles are not entitled to juries, and cases must be tried in front of a judge alone. In some counties, juveniles are not entitled to bail. In important ways, the practice of juvenile criminal defense work is an entirely different type of representation. Your family is best served by someone with ample experience and knowledge of these important differences.

Natalie’s extensive experience in juvenile court and with established relationships with prosecutors and judges in multiple juvenile courts across western Washington.

Natalie can guide you through these proceedings and assist you in preparing for what to expect. Natalie is very experienced in working with and communicating with young people and teens and crafting a defense of her young clients in consultation with them about their goals, needs, special characteristics and desired outcomes.

Natalie’s juvenile experience includes representation of children and teens charged with serious sex offenses, possession and use of firearms, and crimes of violence, as well as “less serious” matters such as shoplifting, misconduct at school, minor in possession, or fighting that results in misdemeanor assault charges.

Natalie’s extensive experience also includes coordinating with education lawyers and providers to address children and teen’s accommodations for disabilities within the court system and advocating for consideration of potential diagnoses within the court system (looking at the whole child) both pre and post filing charges. Having a disability diagnosis (which can include ADHD) is common for juveniles involved in the criminal justice system, and Natalie feels strongly that it is critical that courts and prosecutors better understand and consider young peoples’ medical and mental health needs in all aspects of their juvenile court cases. Many of these children also have accommodations within their schools, and accessing those records and collaborating with the child’s providers and parents is an integral part of representation of these young people.

Natalie is also especially experienced in assisting families whose children are being investigated for sexual misconduct or other serious felonies within their schools or community. These investigations are stressful and disruptive for the entire family. Having an experienced lawyer who can talk to the detective, coordinate interviews, gather evidence (including social media evidence), and discuss the case with a prosecutor before a charging decision is made can make a substantial impact on outcomes in these types of investigations.

If your child is facing juvenile court involvement or is being investigated by the police for any crime, call Natalie Findley-Wolf at 206.228.2800 to set up a free one-hour consultation. Phones are answered 24/7.

Client Reviews

They say your reputation is earned by the drop but lost by the bucket full. After having someone enter my life that seemed to be committed to destroying my reputation I was referred to Natalie by another attorney and she did not disappoint. Going through lawsuits can be scary...

Grant L.

We were referred to Natalie by a family friend and I was impressed with her from the very beginning. During our initial consultation she spent a lot of time with me discussing our case and asking questions. She explained how the process generally goes as well as all the possible...

Sarah H.

Natalie was very professional and extremely helpful in handling our case! She was compassionate and very patient with my family! Thank you for all your hard work and patience through the process! Your calm demeanor helped keep me calm and focused! Thank you!

L. A.

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